We provide consulting services to Non-Bank Finance Companies, Small & Medium Enterprises and Microfinance Companies operating in India.

Our service offerings include :

  • Strategic Consulting (for NBFCs)
  • Rating Assistance (Advisory for Basel II ratings for Bank Borrowings, SME Rating, MFI    Grading, Securitization ratings)
  • Fund Raising Assistance (Debt and Equity).

Securitization Fund Raising.

  • Securitization is an important source of funding for many NBFCs/MFIs. In the current risk adverse environment it is becoming a preferred funding channel as a securitization transaction offers the bankers to invest in a higher rated paper than the MFI originator.

  • We also understand that securitization is complex borrowing source with the myriad legal / informational / cost-benefit analysis. We offer to prepare the company for securitization, help in deal execution and find investors (typically Banks with priority sector requirements) for NBFCs/MFI to diversify the funding sources and manage costs at best possible rates.

Fund Raising

  • Bank Funding
  • NCD / CPs
  • Subordinate Debt
  • Securitization
  • Equity

Rating Advisory

We understand the nature of credit ratings thoroughly. Often the NBFC is fundamentally good but is not able to present its case properly and gets a rating which does not reflect its true worth.

We offer to provide Rating Assistance to Microfinance and NBFCs to help them in getting the best possible rating by making a true representation of their profile.

Each of these sources of funding are critical for the growth of an NBFC and we provide either or both advisory and transaction support for these products.

We provide fund raising support through our network of direct investors and investment bankers.